Dawn Lehman

Dr. Dawn Lehman, PHD

VP of Strategy

Dr. Lehman holds a B.A. degree in communications, M.A. degree in organizational anthropology (corporate culture studies), and a Ph.D. in medical anthropology. As a marketing communications specialist, Dawn has worked with Fortune 500 clients (consumer goods, pharmaceutical, higher education, manufacturing, and public health) in several states and countries. Her background combines extensive communications experience, research, and corporate needs analyses to help organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors identify and address workforce issues associated with employee development and recognition, wellness, retirement planning, and diversity and inclusion.  She has conducted large-scale organizational change research for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations and presented practical change management recommendations to senior management as well as  presented papers on these issues at numerous professional conferences.

In the past, Dr. Lehman developed an HR tool that helps candidates recognize and articulate career interests and goals. The Career Mapping Tool, which has been used at professional conference workshops and in one-on-one meetings by professionals in all stages of their careers, provides in-depth information (e.g., core competencies, career goals, organizational culture preferences, and work-life needs) that supports traditional recruitment information. She also developed a Cultural Analysis Tool that helps DG&A better understand an organization’s cultural landscape and recruit candidates who will best fit the organization’s mission, structure, and work environment. As an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Dawn continues to learn new strategies  for workplace improvement.

An academic at heart, Dr. Lehman has conductedextensive research on issues and needs of diverse populations in North Carolina, California, Michigan, and Illinois and served as the “voice” for these populations in meetings with university department chairs, faculty, executive directors of university centers, foundations, city managers, and senior  management in nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. She also has collaborated on research and community development projects with faculty members and students at Northwestern University, Michigan State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Greensboro, Elon University, Wayne State University, San Diego State University, Temple University, and Northern Arizona University. She taught upper level courses at Elon University and most recently provided internships to, and mentored, undergraduate and graduate students from Northwestern University (campusCATALYST and Center for Civic Engagement), University of Illinois, Loyola University, and University of Washington.

Dawn is also the co-founder and national board member of Kids Korps USA (www.kidskorps.org), an 18-year-old, award-winning 501 c3 youth volunteer organization that serves more than 350 community organizations in California, North Carolina, and Illinois. She has received awards from the Michigan House of Representatives, the Governor’s Office of the State of California, and the news media for her work with Kids Korps and other service to the community.